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Ethics Discussion Sessions

ethics.jpgHandouts and brief slide shows from teaching sessions from the 1990s

*Note: Most issues relevant to ethics are discussed in the articles and slide shows on the other pages of this website*

Slide Shows:

art of med – genetics test ovrhds.doc
Overheads for Art of Medicine seminar on genetics testing, OHSU, late 1990s

*Drunk driving.ppt
Slide show for ethics seminar on drunk driving, OHSU, late 1990s

race and hlth care disc slides.ppt
Slides for ethics seminar on race and health care, OHSU, late 1990s


art of med – genetics test case.doc
Case for Art of Medicine seminar on genetics testing, OHSU, late 1990s

*art of med – out of hosp emergs.doc
Art of medicine cases, readings, and questions re out of hospital emergencies, OHSU, late 1990s

*art of med – truth telling.doc
Art of medicine cases, readings, and questions re truth telling in medicine, OHSU, late 1990s

Ethics & Health Policy, USF School of Nursing, Ong-Flaherty
Ethics and Health Policy (course description, syllabus, and assignments), University of San Francisco School of Nursing, Chenit Ong-Flaherty, PhD, RN

Ethics, Law, and Humanities – What Medical Students Should Know – M Hester
Overview of important topics that every medical student should learn in ethics, law, and narrative medicine, from Micah Hester, PhD

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