Public Health and Social Jusitce

Gold, Diamonds, Flowers

mines.jpgArticles and slide show on adverse health, environmental, and human rights consequences of flowers, gold, and diamonds.

Slide Show:

*Symbols of Love – Flowers Diamonds and Gold
Comprehensive slide show on the environmental, health, human rights, and economic consequences of flowers, diamonds, and gold

Articles/Book Chapter:

flowers mothers day editorial – LO Review 5-06.doc
Editorial re flowers as Mother’s Day gifts, describing adverse consequences of floriculture

oprah diamonds – People Mag lte.doc
Unpublished brief letter re Oprah Winfrey’s misguided support of diamonds

*Symbols of Love – Flowers, Gold, and Diamonds – Human Rights Quarterly
Article covering public health, environmental, and human rights consequences of symbols of love. Reprinted in Violence and Abuse in Society, Angela Browne-Miller, Ed. (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio. LLC/Praeger, 2012 (Volume 1, Chapter 11, pages 175-192).


Caring and Flowers, Diamonds, and Gold, Radio Interview, “The Caring Generation, KHOW, Denver, CO, February 14, 2011. Available at (54:35-66:7).

*Tokens of Love or Symbols of Destruction: Diamonds, Gold, and Cut Flowers, Populist Dialogues, Portland Community Media, September, 2013. Available at

Tokens of love or symbols of destruction: gold, diamonds, and cut flowers, Social Justice Series, First Christian Church , Portland, OR, August, 2013 (one hour podcast). Available at

*The Costs of the Symbols of Love: Floriculture, Diamonds, and Gold, Conversations with Dr. Don, Portland Community Television, February, 2014. Available at (first half of program is general conversation; second half of program covers topic).

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