Public Health and Social Jusitce

Gold, Diamonds, Flowers

mines.jpgArticles and slide show on adverse health, environmental, and human rights consequences of flowers, gold, and diamonds.

Slide Show:

*Symbols of Love – Flowers Diamonds and Gold
Comprehensive slide show on the environmental, health, human rights, and economic consequences of flowers, diamonds, and gold


flowers mothers day editorial – LO Review 5-06.doc
Editorial re flowers as Mother’s Day gifts, describing adverse consequences of floriculture

oprah diamonds – People Mag lte.doc
Unpublished brief letter re Oprah Winfrey’s misguided support of diamonds

*Symbols of Love – Flowers, Gold, and Diamonds – Human Rights Quarterly
Article covering public health, environmental, and human rights consequences of symbols of love


Caring and Flowers, Diamonds, and Gold, Radio Interview, “The Caring Generation, KHOW, Denver, CO, February 14, 2011. Available at (54:35-66:7).

*Tokens of Love or Symbols of Destruction: Diamonds, Gold, and Cut Flowers, Populist Dialogues, Portland Community Media, September, 2013. Available at

Tokens of love or symbols of destruction: gold, diamonds, and cut flowers, Social Justice Series, First Christian Church , Portland, OR, August, 2013 (one hour podcast). Available at

*The Costs of the Symbols of Love: Floriculture, Diamonds, and Gold, Conversations with Dr. Don, Portland Community Television, February, 2014. Available at (first half of program is general conversation; second half of program covers topic).

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