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womens.jpgArticles, slide shows, and syllabus covering violence against women, reproductive rights, access to contraception and abortion, sex education, teen pregnancy, and rape.

Slide Shows:

Abortion, Conscientious Practice, Drug testing in pregnancy.ppt

Slide show on ethical issues relevant to abortion and drug testing of pregnant women

*Female genital cutting
Slide show on female genital cutting

Human Rights and Women’s Rights Timeline & Overview
Slide show covering the history of women’s rights

Military sexual trauma – evaluation and management, by E Stinson
Detailed slide show from therapist and advocate Elizabeth Stinson

*Obstacles to Abortion and Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care
Comprehensive version of slide show covering obstacles to abortion and reproductive health care

*Recombinant bovine growth hormone, hormones in meat and milk, breast cancer, and pink ribbons
Slide show with brief overview of health effects of rBGH and hormone use in milk and meat production, breast cancer, and “pinkwashing”

Sex, values, and pharmacy – Steven Miles
Slide show on sexual medicine, covering contraception, assisting reproduction, preventing disease, enhancing sexual experience, by Steve Miles, MD

*Violence Against Women
Slide show on individual and societal forms of violence against women

*Violence Against Women in the Military
Slide show covering violence against women in the military, covering both active duty military and veterans

*War, Rape, and Genocide
Slide show on war, rape, and genocide, with historical perspectives and coverage of Darfur, Sudan (2017)

Women’s Health, Dr. Tara Zolnikov
From Dr Tara Zolnikov’s Global Health Course

*Women’s Health and Human Rights
Comprehensive slide show covering myriad issues relevant to women’s health and human rights


adolescent pregnancy jama lte
Letter re adolescent pregnancy from JAMA

compelled medical rx of preg women jama lte
Letter re compelled medical treatment of pregnant women from JAMA

domestic violence jama letter
Letter re domestic violence from JAMA

*Emergency Contraception – Virtual Mentor.doc
Article on emergency contraception

*Female Genital Cutting – Medscape
Article on female genital cutting

*History of Hysteria – The Pharos.doc
Article on the history of hysteria

*Indiv & Societal Violence Against Women – Curr Wom Hlth Rept.doc
Article on individual and societal violence against women

*Indoor Air Pollution and biomass cooking stoves – Medscape.doc
Article on health effects of indoor air pollution from biomass cooking stoves

Msr 43 – parental consent for teen abortion – LO Review 10-0.doc
Editorial on failed Oregon state ballot measure 43, which would have required parental consent for teen abortions

Obstacles to Abortion – JAMWA.pdf
Article on obstacles to abortion

*Obstacles to abortion – Medscape.doc
Updated article on obstacles to abortion

*Parental Notification and Consent Laws – Medscape.doc
Article on parental consent and notification laws for teen abortions

*partner abuse and sexual assault – Hospital Physician.pdf
Article on partner abuse and sexual assault

Racial and Ethnic Disparity in Birth Weight in Syracuse, NY – Lane et al
Case studies from the Cases in Population-Oriented Prevention series

*Regulatory Approaches to Prostitution – Comparing Sweden, Denmark, and Nevada, USA
Effects of different legal and regulatory effects on sex workers, focusing on human rights and social justice – Corrigan and Donohoe

*Teen Pregnancy – Z Magazine
Article on teen pregnancy

Violence Against Women in Developing World – Medscape.doc
Article on individual and societal forms of violence against women in the developing world

*Violence Against Women in the Military – Medscape.doc
Article on violence against women in the military

*War, Rape, and Genocide – Medscape.doc
Article on war, rape, and genocide, with historical perspectives and coverage of Darfur, Sudan

Why We Need Sex Ed Now (Data Compiled as Poster):


*Episode 2, “Prescription for Justice”: Reproductive Rights for Women (Host, Community Access Cable Television Program, November, 2017, no guest [review and commentary]). Available at

Episode 10: Women in science. Prescription for Justice. August, 2018. Guests Alison Schaser – President, Women in Science, Portland and Laura Stadum – Director and Title IX Coordinator, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Department, Oregon Health and Science University. Available at


*Women’s Hlth and Human Rights syllabus
Syllabus for Women’s Health and Human Rights course, Portland State University

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