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Unnecessary and Necessary Testing, Scams

testing1.jpgSlide show and articles on unnecessary testing, including whole body scans.

Slide Show:

*Scans Scams and Unnecessary Testing in Medicine
Slide show covering direct-to-consumer marketing of unnecessary (and potentially harmful) screening tests. Slide show also reviews benefits and risks of CT scans (including coronary calcium CTs and lung cancer screening) and examines health care fraud


ct cor angio scans – jama lte 2007.doc

Unpublished letter re overuse of CT coronary angiography and whole body CT scans and radiation exposure

*Unnecessary Testing in Ob-Gyn and Medicine – Medscape.doc
Article on unnecessary testing in Ob-Gyn and Medicine

whole body scans-scams – LO Review 6-05.doc
Editorial re whole body scans/scams

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Choosing Wisely (American Board of Internal Medicine):