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food.jpgArticles and slide shows on genetically-modified organisms, biopharming, recombinant bovine growth hormone, food irradiation, agricultural antibiotics, food justice, and sustainable agriculture.

Slide Shows:

*Agricultural Antibiotics, Factory Farms, Bayer, Cipro, and Anthrax – Putting Profits Before People
Slide show covering the relationship between Bayer, overuse of agricultural antibiotics, and the anthrax scare

*Food Justice
Slide show covering food production and distribution, starvation and obesity, agricultural biotechnology, and corporate commodification of agriculture from a social justice/activist perspective

Gene Editing Myths and Reality Report (2021, Claire Robinson, MPhil, Editor,

*GMOs and Biopharming
Comprehensive slide show covering health and environmental risks of genetically-modified organisms, biopharming, genetic modification of trees and vertebrates, and synthetic biology

Health risks of GMOs – Institute for Responsible Technology – Dr Jeffrey Smith
Available at
Slide show and accompanying materials on health risks of GMOs from Institute for Responsible Technology – Dr Jeffrey Smith

Meat Production – Protect your Health and the Environment, by Rick North
Slide show from Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility’s Campaign for Safe Food – Rick North

Myths and Truths of Gene-Edited Foods, Dr. Michael Antoniou and Claire Robinson, GM Watch, 11-2020. See

*Recombinant bovine growth hormone, hormones in meat and milk, breast cancer, and pink ribbons
Slide show with brief overview of health effects of rBGH and hormone use in milk and meat production, breast cancer, and “pinkwashing”

*Starving and poisoning humanity – corporate control of global agriculture
Brief overview covering poverty/famine, corporate consolidation of various ag sectors, factory farms, agricultural antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs, bottled water, breast milk substitutes, failure of government regulation, and eliminating world hunger

Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity – Faculty Presentations: Large collection available at

Articles/Book Chapter:

AAFP, corporate links, and nutritional advice
Post from Medicine and Social Justice Blog re the American Academy of Family Physicians, its unethical corporate links, and its nutritional advice

AAFP mercury tuna ad letter
Letter to American Academy of Family Physicians protesting ad which encourages unsafe levels of tuna consumption by pregnant women in official AAFP publication on health eating

*Bottled Water: Health and Environmental Risks – Portland Tribune
Letter re costs and health and environmental risks of bottled water

Commentary on food justice, safety, sustainability, and nutrition
Book chapter, in Siegel, E, The Nourish Me Kitchen (2022, e-book, available at

Countering Corporate Propaganda: A Closer Examination of the Common Claims for GMOs – Agrawatch: see

Critique of “Paleo diets, GMOs and food taboos,” submitted to Scientific American 2015 (March), removed by Scientific American webmaster, creating controversy regarding the publication’s possibly censoring GMO-skeptical commentaries. See the original article by Michael Shermer at For background on the controversy, see Robinson, C, GM Watch 2015 (April 28), Volume 353, Is Scientific American censoring GMO-skeptical comments? (this article contains the censored letter), available at

Editing the Truth: Genome Editing is not a Solution to Climate Change, by Friends of the Earth:

*Factory Farms, Bayer, Cipro, and the Anthrax Scare – Z Magazine
Article covering the relationship between Bayer, overuse of agricultural antibiotics, and the anthrax scare

Fish and mercury key points – PSR.doc
PSR document re mercury in fish

Fish and mercury wallet card from NRDC
Levels of mercury in a variety of seafood from the Natural Resources Defense Council

*food irrad – NEJM lte & responses.doc
Letter re food irradiation (and responses)

Food Systems Resource List – Portland, OR
List of farmers’ markets, co-ops, gardening and organic groups, etc., from Dr Maye Thompson

*Genetically-Modified Organisms and Biopharming – Z Magazine, with sidebars
Article on risks of genetically-modified organisms, along with brief overviews of rBGH in milk, golden rice and vitamin A deficiency, and the precautionary principle

GMO Myths and Facts (Earth Open Source):

HCWH healthy food pledge.pdf
Health Care without Harm’s Healthy Food Pledge

HCWH rBGH Position Statement.doc
Health Care without Harm’s position statement re rBGH

Health Care Without Harm Position Statement on Genetically Engineered Food
Health Care Without Harm opposes the production and marketing of GE foods

*History and Accomplishments of Oregon PSR’s Campaign for Safe Food
Covers Campaign for Safe Food’s work from 2003-2011, in areas including opposition to biopharming and rBGH

Impacts of Meat Production on Health, the Environment and Animal Welfare
Brochure from Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility’s Campaign for Safe Food – Miller and North

*irradiated foods in OR schools statement.doc
PSR Position statement re irradiated foods in Oregon schools

Measure 27 – Labeling law for genetically engineered foods – A call for openness and food safety
Editorial on behalf of Oregon PSR, Oregonian, 2002

NRDC fish walletcard.pdf
NRDC wallet card re dietary seafood safety

OR Measure 27 GMO labeling ltr of endorsement.doc
Letter of endorsement re proposed Oregon ballot measure requiring labeling of GMO foodstuffs

*Precautionary Principle.doc
Brief description of the precautionary principle

*Precautionary avoidance of hormone growth promoters in beef and dairy cattle production
Resolution approved by the American Public Health Association, 2009, by Elanor Starmer, David Wallinga, Rick North, and Martin Donohoe

Precautionary Avoidance of Hormone Growth Promoters in Beef and Dairy Cattle Production – Press Release
Press release from Food and Water Watch, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, and Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility re APHA resolution, 2009

Protecting Antibiotics for Human Public Health OR bills, testimony, 2015
Testimony in favor of Oregon House and Senate bills to protect antibiotics for human public health, 2015.

PSR Ltr to OPB re America’s Heartland.doc
Letter to Oregon Public Broadcasting re concerns about America’s Heartland documentary

rBGH Brochure
Brochure on recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) from Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility’s Campaign for Safe Food

rbgh faq.doc
FAQs re rBGH from Oregon PSR

rBGH-Free Cheese Chart
List of rBGH-free cheeses and contact info for dairies

rBGH-free Dairies – Top 100
List of rBGH-free dairies (top 100)

rBGH-Free Yogurt Companies
List of rBGH-free yogurt companies and contact info

rBGH’s harmful effects on cattle
Overview of effects of rBGH on health of dairy cattle from Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility’s Campaign for Safe Food – Rick North

rBST Safety Assessment from Elanco
See below for rebuttal to this paper, sponsored by Elanco (current manufacturer of Posilac/rBST),  presented at the
Joint Annual Meeting of the American Dairy Science Association®, Canadian Society of Animal Science, & American Society of Animal Science

Reproductive Health And The Industrialized Food System – Health Affairs
Article by Sutton, Wallinga, Perron, Gottlieb, Sayre, and Woodruff, 2011

Response to and Rebuttal of Elanco’s rBST Safety Assessment
A public health response to the Elanco’s rBST safety assessment

Roundup and Birth Defects – Is the Public Being Kept in the Dark?
Extensive report from Earth Open Source, 2011

The GMO Emperor Has No Clothes – A Global Citizens Report on the State of GMOs:

Vote yes on Measure 92 to label genetically-modifiec foods. First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op newsletter, 2014 (October, page 10). Available at

Vote yes on measure 92 to label genetically modified (GM) foods. The Folded Crane (Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility newsletter), October, 2014. Available at


Protesting Ronald McDonald. Interview for KBOO radio, February 4, 2011 (from Corporate Accountability International Protest to Retire Ronald McDonald). Available at

Stop predatory junk food marketing to children – protest against Ronald McDonald, Corporate Accountability International local action, Portland, OR, October, 2011. For media coverage and portion of interview, see

*Food Justice (show also includes discussion of activism and medical/public health education and training). Conversations with Dr Don (cable television program), Portland, OR, July, 2011. Available at (note: download Veoh web player, as per website, to watch full video).

*Health and Environmental Consequences of GMOs (also covers corporate agribusiness and labeling). Radiozine (host Roberta Hall), Portland, OR, September, 2014. Available at (or click below)

*Health and Environmental Consequences of GMOs (also covers corporate agribusiness and labeling) – Includes talk plus slides. YouTube, Corvallis, OR, September, 2014. Available at

*Everything you Wanted to Know About GMOs. Conversations with Dr. Don (cable television program), Portland, OR, September, 2014. Available at (first 26 mins general discussion of social justice, 27 mins through end focuses on GMOs).

Oregon Ballot Measure 92 (to require labeling of GM foods). Available at

Commercial for Yes on 92 (Oregon GMO labeling) campaign, October, 2014. Available at

List of Food Safety Organizations:

Food Safety Organizations
Compiled by Rick North, Oregon PSR Campaign for Safe Food

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Preemption and Movement Building in Public Health:

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Save Our Crops:

Shopper’s Guide to Avoiding GM Foods (Center for Food Safety):

Testbiotech (EU GE plant database):

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True Cost of Food (Sierra Club Video):

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