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Luxury Care/Concierge Care


luxury.jpgArticles, slide shows, and lecture outlines re luxury care/concierge care (including involvement of academic medical centers)

Slide Shows (See also Universal Health Care/Single Payer System page):

*Concierge Care-Scientific, Ethical, and Policy Issues
Comprehensive version of slide show covering the links between luxury care clinics and academic medical centers, along with a general overview of concierge care, medical tourism, retail clinics, relevant ethical and legal issues, etc.

Articles (See also Universal Health Care/Single Payer System page):

Concierge practice and academic medicine – Ann Int Med LTE, 9-16
Letter to the editor in response to article on concierge practice

*Luxury Medical Care – Ideological Debates in Family Medicine.pdf
Detailed book chapter describing the spectrum of concierge care and opposing the development of luxury practices

lux p care – NEJM lte.doc
Letter re luxury primary care and universal health care coverage in the US

luxury p care and acad med – JGIM.pdf
Article covering the link between luxury primary care clinics and academic medical centers

Medical Tourism and Luxury Care Ltr – Southern Med J
Letter re medical tourism and recruitment of wealthy foreigners to luxury U.S. practices – Southern Med J

professionalism and retainer practice
Short book chapter from Professionalism in Medicine: The Case-based Guide for Medical Students

Retainer Practice – Virtual Mentor.doc
Article on the ethics of retainer practice

External Links (See Universal Health Care / Single Payer System page)