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Luxury Care/Concierge Care


luxury.jpgArticles, slide shows, and lecture outlines re luxury care/concierge care (including involvement of academic medical centers)

Slide Shows (See also Universal Health Care/Single Payer System page):

*Concierge Care-Scientific, Ethical, and Policy Issues
Comprehensive version of slide show covering the links between luxury care clinics and academic medical centers, along with a general overview of concierge care, medical tourism, retail clinics, relevant ethical and legal issues, etc.

Articles/Book Chapters (See also Universal Health Care/Single Payer System page):

Concierge practice and academic medicine – Ann Int Med LTE, 9-16
Letter to the editor in response to article on concierge practice

*Elements of professionalism for a physician considering the switch to a retainer practice
In Professionalism in Medicine: The Case-based Guide for Medical Students, Editors: Spandorfer, Pohl, Rattner, and Nasca (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010)

*Luxury Medical Care – Ideological Debates in Family Medicine.pdf
Detailed book chapter describing the spectrum of concierge care and opposing the development of luxury practices, “Standard vs. luxury care,” in Ideological Debates in Family Medicine, S Buetow and T Kenealy, Eds. (New York, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2007)

lux p care – NEJM lte.doc
Letter re luxury primary care and universal health care coverage in the US

luxury p care and acad med – JGIM.pdf
Article covering the link between luxury primary care clinics and academic medical centers

Medical Tourism and Luxury Care Ltr – Southern Med J
Letter re medical tourism and recruitment of wealthy foreigners to luxury U.S. practices – Southern Med J

Retainer Practice – Virtual Mentor.doc
Article on the ethics of retainer practice

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