Public Health and Social Jusitce

Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers



Children of seasonal migrant workers
From Early Childhood Matters, November, 2013 (Donohoe and many others)

*Historical and Contemporary Factors Contributing to the Plight of Migrant Farmworkers in the U.S. – Social Medicine
Article by Koreishi and Donohoe from Social Medicine, also available at

*Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers – JHCPU.pdf
Article on the health consequences of migrant and seasonal farm work

Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers – Medscape.doc
Article on the health consequences of migrant and seasonal farm work

MSFW – PDX Tribune editorial.doc
Editorial re the health consequences of migrant and seasonal farm work

Undocumented workers are taxpayers too – OCPP, 1-12
Economic analysis from the Oregon Center for Public Policy

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