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Criminal Justice System

criminal.jpgArticles and slide shows covering the criminal justice system, the prison-industrial complex, and capital punishment.

Slide Shows:

Correctional Health Care – Insung Min
Brief slide show from Dr Insung Min

*Incarceration Nation
Comprehensive slide show covering the US criminal justice system, including jails/prisons, racism, the war on drugs, prison health care, the prison-industrial complex, and the death penalty


Death Penalty – History, Exonerations, and Moratoria
Comprehensive review article and commentary from Social Medicine, 2019. Also available at

death penalty – NEJM lte 3-06.doc
Unpublished letter on the death penalty

*Incaceration Nation – Medscape.doc
Article covering multiple facets of the US criminal justice system

syphilitic arrest case report
Case report re inmate with tertiary syphilis with comments on syphilis in the incarcerated


Episode 18. The death penalty: history, exonerations, and moratoria. Guest Ron Steiner, Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty. April, 2019. Available at Also available as a podcast on KBOO radio at

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