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History of Medicine


History of MedicineArticles and syllabi covering history of medicine, historico-literary reflections on scientific research, hysteria, and human subject experimentation.

Slide Show:

*human subject experimentation – nazis – present
Slide show on 20th Century history of human subject experimentation, focusing on WW II Germany and Japan


*Health professionals, environmental degradation, and social injustice: education and activism – Monash Bioethics Review
Article on the roles and responsibilities of health professionals in confronting the health consequences of environmental degradation and social injustice – focus on education, activism, literature, and history

*Historial Perspectives on Scientific Research – Adv Hlth Sci Educ
Article covering historical and literary perspectives on scientific research

*History of Hysteria – The Pharos.doc
Article re the history of hysteria


Health Humanities Syllabus Repository:

History of Med I Syllabus 2001.doc
History of Medicine I syllabus, OHSU

History of Med II Syllabus 2002.doc
History of Medicine II Syllabus, OHSU

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