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Prescription for Justice (Cable TV Program)

Prescription for Justice 

Debuted October, 2017. Currently airing in Portland, OR and in markets in WA, MA, ME, NV, IN, and CT; open to new markets. YouTube Channel:
For information regarding obtaining the program for cable television markets in your area, go through PEGMedia or contact [email protected].

Introduction to program. Available at

Episode 1: The education system in the United States. October, 2017. Guest Paul Donohoe – Donohoe Academics – Available at

Episode 2: Reproductive rights for women, November, 2017. Available at

Episode 3: Nuclear weapons and the campaign to abolish them. December, 2017 Guest Chuck Johnson – Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Available at 

Episode 4: Housing and homelessness. January, 2018. Guest Allison McIntosh – Deputy Director of Policy and Communications at Neighborhood Partnerships. Available at

Episode 5: Air pollution – purifying the miasma. January, 2018.  Guest Mary Peveto – President, Neighbors for Clean Air, March. Available at

Episode 6: Gun violence – the war against ourselves. April, 2018. Available at

Episode 7: Contemporary labor issues. May, 2018. Guest Will Layng – Executive Director of Portland Jobs with Justice. Available at

Episode 8: Complicit. June, 2018. Available at

Episode 9: Corporate personhood. July, 2018. Guest David Delk – Chair of the Oregon Progressive Party and national Co-Chair of the Alliance for Democracy. Available at

Episode 10: Women in science. August, 2018. Guests Alison Schaser – President, Women in Science, Portland and Laura Stadum – Director and Title IX Coordinator, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Department, Oregon Health and Science University.