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Activism and Education

activism_education.jpgArticles, slide shows, syllabi, and curricular suggestions re activism and health professions education.

Slide Shows:

*Activism – History, Literature, and Contemporary Movements
Slide show on activism in medicine and public health, with literature, history, photography, and covering contemporary movements – long, comprehensive

Anti-corporate health campaigns: Seeds of a movement? – N Freudenberg
Brief slide show on strategies of successful anti-corporate health campaigns and policy agenda for a movement, by Dr. Nick Freudenberg

Can’t afford to ignore corruption
Slide show from Dr Wally Smith

CardioStart Ghana Medical Mission – Boshkov 2009
Slide show on the Cardiostart cardiac surgery medical mission to Ghana by Dr. Lynn Boshkov

Child Health, Dr Tara Zolnikov
From Dr Tara Zolnikov’s Global Health Course

Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission – Public Health and Democracy, W Wiist
Implications of the 2010 Supreme Court decision for public health and democracy, by Dr. Bill Wiist (see also article below)

*Confronting Pseudoscience and Threats from a Corporate Front Group – The American Council on Science and Health
Exposé of the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) – based on articles below

Corporate Contributions to Health Organizations – Josh Freeman
Brief overview of corporate contributions to health organizations, including ethical issues, conflicts of interest, etc., from Dr Joshua Freeman

*Corporate Control of Public Health – Case Studies and Call to Action
Slide show covering the effects of corporations on various aspects of public health – extensive

*Corporate control of public health – case studies and call to action – shorter version
Shorter version of above presentation covering the effects of corporations on various aspects of public health

Doctors for Global Health – M Sanchez
Overview of Doctors for Global Health, an NGO which promotes health and human rights with those who have no voice, by Dr. Monica Sanchez

Doctors for the people – training physicians to work in underserved urban communities – Simon, Anderson, Joo
Overview of national programs, including structure, educational philosophy, recruitment/retention, and evaluation, by Sherenne Simon, Matt Anderson, and Pablo Joo

Ethics of Professional-Patient Boundaries – Schiff
Slide show addressing ethical issues related to physicians helping patients, boundaries, involvement in patients’ personal lives, assistance with social contributors to health and illness – by Dr Gordon Schiff

Excluding the poor from accessing the biomedical literature – Dr Yamey, PLOS
Slide show on democratizing scientific publishing through open access publications like PLOS by Dr Gavin Yamey

Financial crisis, social justice, and America’s future – Dr JB Gordon
Slide show on the late 2000s financial crisis, economic policy, and social justice from Dr JB Gordon

Global Praxis – Exploring the Ethics of Engagement Abroad – Dharamsi
Educational resource kit from the Ethics of International Engagement and Service Learning Project at University of British Columbia, by Dr Shafik Dharamsi et al.

Health Advocate Role ebooklet – Dharamsi et al
Preparing future physicians for socially responsive practice, by Dr. Shafik Dharamsi et al.

Health and Society in Equal vs. Unequal Societies – Why Equal Societies are Healthier (slide show from the Equality Trust):

In sickness and in wealth (Dr Stephen Bezruchka, Alternative Radio):

*Literature Photography and Social Justice in Medicine
Overview of the relationships between literature, history, photography, and social justice in health care

OHSU slides (temporary): activism in medicine ohsu 3-24

OHSU info sheet (temporary): OHSU social justice discussion, info sheet, 4-24

*Public Health and Social Justice
Overview of Public Health and Social Justice

Samsung, Credomobile, Human Health and Labor Rights
Poster on Samsung’s unsafe factory conditions and labor rights violations & its partnership with Credomobile – Waitzkin, Lee, and Kong

Social Determinants of Health – Issue Briefs from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation:

  1. Race and Socioeconomic Factors Affect Opportunities for Better Health (
  2. How Social Factors Shape Health : Income, Wealth and Health (
  3. Education Matters for Health (
  4. What Shapes Health-Related Behaviors? The Role of Social Factors (—.html)
  5. Where We Live Matters for Our Health: Neighborhoods and Health (
  6. Health Impact Assessment: A Tool for Promoting Health in All Policies (
  7. How Social Factors Shape Health: The Role of Stress (
  8. Early Childhood Experiences Shape Health and Well-Being Throughout Life: Early childhood experiences shape health and well-being
  9. Housing and Health: Housing and Health
  10. Work and Health: Work and Health

Social Determinants of Health – Lauri Andress
Framing a public discussion on the social determinants of health – Lauri Andress

Social justice, health and health care in the U.S. – J Freeman
The big picture. Morris Goldberg Memorial Lecture, by Dr Josh Freeman

Social Justice Overview – Rosenthal
Slide show providing overview of social medicine for undergraduate pre-health professions students – Dr Frank Rosenthal

Teaching Advocacy in Medical Education – Berger, Bloch, Philpott, Pinto, and Sharma
Slide show covering the definition and teaching of advocacy, from the University of Toronto’s Department of Family and Community Medicine

Training Activist Physicians – Brief Version
Short, 30 min talk covering major issues in social justice, obstacles to teaching about social justice, and pedagogical approaches involving history, literature, and photography

Wealth Does Not Equal Health S-PSR M McCue 4-9-11
The relentless pursuit of economic growth as a principle challenge to global health, by Dr Maureen McCue


acute rad syndrome – Ann Int Med ltr.doc
Letter re acute radiation syndrome and medical education

Bioethicist as Public Intellectual – Parsi and Geraghty
Article from AJOB by Drs Kayan Parsi and Karen Geraghty

Bioterrorism Curriculum Too Limited – Acad Med ltr.doc
Letter re medical education covering militarism, war, and peace

Breast cancer awareness week, cosmetics, solicitation, and pinkwashing
Comments for Spirit of 1848 listserv, October, 2011

Citizens United: A First Anniversary Update, by Dr Bill Wiist – see

*Call to Service: Social Justice Is a Public Health Issue (aka Physician activism and the doctor-patient relationship, with Gordon Schiff). AMA Virtual Mentor 2014 (September); 16(9):699-707. Available at

*Combating corporate control of public health – Z Magazine
Article examining corporate control of public health, education, the media, legislators, etc., including examples and solutions

*Community-Based – Med Humanities Med Ed.pdf
Article on the uses of literature in health professions education, focusing on curricular suggestions, interdisciplinary learning, and community involvement

Community Participation as Necessary for Social Justice – Steen
Essay by John Steen on democracy, health care reform, and empowering communities, 2010

Article from Social Medicine covering President Trump’s assault on democracy, public health, the environment, and those who aided and abetted his narcissistic, sociopathic agenda. Also available at and in Spanish at

Corporate Front Groups & Abuse of Science – ACSH – Z Mag
Article describing corporate front groups and the abuse of science, focusing on the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH)

*Corporate Front Groups and Abuse of Science – Z Mag – with background and references
Article describing corporate front groups and abuse of science, focusing on the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), with background and references

*Corporations, Labor, and the Need for Stronger Unions. Green Social Thought. Posted April 25, 2018. Available at

Corporatization in Higher Education – For-Profit Colleges – O’Malley
Article from Radical Teacher by Dr Susan O’Malley

*Doctors Gone Bad – Physicians, Dictators, and Warrior Cultures
Article from Social Medicine covering the history of unethical human subject experimentation, how physicians aid and abet demagogues, and contemporary abuses

Education in Medicine blog, by John Delzell, MD – see

*Exploring the Human Condition – Using Literature to Teach Public Health
Chapter from Teaching Literature and Medicine, Hawkins and McEntyre editors (NY: Modern Language Association, 2000)

For-Profit Universities – The Corporatization of Higher Education – O’Malley
Facts and notes from Left Forum session, 2012, by Dr Susan O’Malley

Global Health Watch (Alternative Global Health) Reports: see

*Health professionals, environmental degradation, and social injustice: education and activism – Monash Bioethics Rev
Article on the roles and responsibilities of health professionals in confronting the health consequences of environmental degradation and social injustice – focus on education, activism, literature, and history

Human Rights and Social Justice in the Vision of Public Health – Steen
Brief essay by John Steen from Washington State J of Publ Hlth Practice, 2008

Inspiring Health Advocacy in Family Medicine – A Qualitative Study
Article from Education for Health by Mu, Shroff, and Dharamsi, 2011

Internists and bioterror prevention – JGIM lte 2007.doc
Letter re prevention of bioterrorism, prevention of war, promotion of peace, and medical education

It Does Take a Village – John Steen
Essay by John Steen on the role of public health in confronting social and economic inequality, from Newsletter of the Comm Hlth Planning and Polic Devt Section, APHA (Spring, 2011)

Literature and Social Injustice – Medscape.doc
Article on literature and social injustice

MLK’s Riverside Church Speech, by John Steen (2023)
Op-Ed about MLK’s social justice and anti-war thinking is ignored by the national media and even the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Physician as Health Advocate- Translating the Quest for Social Responsibility Into Medical Education and Practice
Article from Academic Medicine by Dharamsi, Ho, Spadafora, and Woollard (2011)

*Proposal for Organized Civil Disobedience by Academic Medicine to the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Association Decision [Soc Med, 2023;16(1):40-42]

Service Learning and Global Health Justice – Medscape, Parsi and List
Preparing medical students for the world: service learning and global health justice, Mescape J Med 2008, by Kayhan Parsi and Justin List

sgim & media – JGIM lte.doc
Letter encouraging greater media exposure for Society of General Internal Medicine

SGIM and the media
Call for more media exposure for general medicine from JGIM

Social Determinants of Health and Policy Development – Steen
Essay by John Steen covering social determinants of health, neoliberalism, and social epidemiology, 2010

Social Justice and Democracy – Steen
Brief article on how political, economic, research, and educational priorities affect social determinants of health, by John Steen, 2010

Social Justice readings suggested by Nicole Gravina 11-09
A few selections and websites from Dr Nicole Gravina, Psychology, Roosevelt University

*Stories and Society – IJCAIP
Using literature to teach medical students about public health and social justice

This Black Life Must Matter! MLK’s Greater Message to America, by John Steen:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Vision of Public Health in the 21st Century – Public Health Without Borders – Steen
Essay from Am Hlth Planning Assn, 2008 (updated 2011), by John Steen

World Health and International Economic Sharing – Dr Mohammed Mesbahi, 2009
Article from Share the World Resources and DissidentVoice

Television and Radio:

*Corporate assault on human health and the environment – General Electric, the American Council on Science and Health, and corporate infiltration of public education. Conversations with Dr Don (cable television program), Portland, OR, July, 2011. Available at (note: download Veoh web player, as per website, to watch full video). Also available at

Corporate corruption of public health. Brief interview with “The Mantle – A Forum for Progressive Critique,” New York, NY, March, 2011. Available at

*Corporations and Health, “Conversations with Dr Don” (cable television program, March, 2011). Available at (note: download Veoh web player, as per website, to watch full video). Also available at

*Doctor-Patient Relationship and Pharmaceutical Industry (comments, 2010):

*Does today’s U.S. government serve corporations or the people? (Topics include the appropriate role of government in societyand the U.S. health care system) Debate with Howard Ellberger, “Conversations with Dr Don” (cable television program, May, 2011). Available at (note: download Veoh web player, as per website, to watch full video). Also available at

*Food Justice (show also includes discussion of activism and medical/public health education and training). Conversations with Dr Don (cable television program), Portland, OR, July, 2011. Available at (note: download Veoh web player, as per website, to watch full video).

Out in the Rural (movie – documentary on on the Delta Health Center’s direct action to address social
determinants of health in Mississippi in the 1970s, H Jack Geiger):

*Social justice in health care, part I. Interview with Roberta Hall. The Health and Health Care Forum, KBOO Radio, December, 2011. Available at and–interviewsAndTalks_727/039a.martindonohoeHealthAndJustice.mp3

*Social justice in health care, part II. Interview with Roberta Hall. The Health and Health Care Forum, KBOO Radio, January, 2012. Available at and at

*Social Justice. Conversations with Dr. Don (cable television program, February, 2013). Available at

*The intersection of public health and social justice, Populist Dialogues, Portland Community Media, May, 2013. Available at

*Public health and social justice, Humanists of Greater Portland, September 29, 2013. Available at

*The kind of world we want for our children, Conversations with Dr. Don (cable television program, May, 2015). Available at

*Social justice take on the 2016 election. Conversations with Dr Don (cable television program), October, 2016. Available at:
Covers American democracy and exceptionalism, a variety of domestic and international social justice issues, and how to create a progressive and more just society.

*Gun violence: public health and public policy (last 17 minutes covers reflections on the election of Donald Trump). Conversations with Dr Don (cable television program), Portland, OR, November, 2016. Available at

*Science and Society: Illuminating the new Dark Age. Conversations with Dr. Don (cable television program, April, 2017). Available at (first 15 minutes general discussion, topic covered 15 minutes onward). Covers the nature of the scientific enterprise, how governments and religion have responded to science throughout history, how science is and should be taught, the role of corporations in subverting science, the Trump administration’s war on science, and what scientists/journalists/citizens should be doing.

*Science in the new Dark Age. Populist Dialogues (cable television program, June 2017). Available at

*The education system in the United States. Prescription for Justice. October, 2017. Guest Paul Donohoe – Donohoe Academics – Available at

*Contemporary labor issues. Prescription for Justice. May, 2018. Guest Will Layng – Executive Director of Portland Jobs with Justice. Available at

*Complicit. Prescription for Justice. June, 2018. Available at

*Corporate personhood. Prescription for Justice. July, 2018. Guest David Delk – Chair of the Oregon Progressive Party and national Co-Chair of the Alliance for Democracy. Available at

*Women in science. Prescription for Justice. August, 2018. Guests Alison Schaser – President, Women in Science, Portland and Laura Stadum – Director and Title IX Coordinator, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Department, Oregon Health and Science University. Available at

*Teaching Social Justice (part I). Prescription for Justice. November, 2018. Guest Hyung Nam, high school social studies teacher, activist, steering committee for the Northwest Teaching for Social Justice Conference. Available at

*Teaching Social Justice (part II). Prescription for Justice. December, 2018. Guest Hyung Nam, high school social studies teacher, activist, steering committee for the Northwest Teaching for Social Justice Conference. Available at

Donald Trump is mentally unfit to be president. Prescription for Justice. August, 2019. Guest Bandy X Lee, MD, MDiv, forensic psychiatrist, internationally recognized expert on violence, member of the faculty of Yale School of Medicine’s Law and Psychiatry Division.  Consultant to the UN and WHO, co-founder and director of the World Mental Health Coalition, and editor of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump (New York, 2017, Thomas Dunne Books, St Martin’s Press). Available at


Civil and human rights films – M Brennan
Extensive list of films with background and commentary, by Marc Brennan

Film and Public Health Course
Course description and syllabus for Film and Public Health course

Health and Human Rights Syllabi Database (USC):

Humanities & Soc Sciences in Med 2001 syllabus.doc
Course syllabus for Humanities and Social Sciences in Medicine

Humanities Social Sciences Mission Stmt OHSU 2001.doc
Document laying out plans for incorporation of humanities into medical training

hums & soc sci summer stipend program ohsu.doc
Overview of Humanities and Social Sciences in Medicine Summer Research Stipend Program

integrating literature into med training.doc
Tips on integrating literature into medical training

lit, med, & publ hlth syllabus.doc
Literature, Medicine, and Public Health Syllabus

Literature and Activism Reading List.doc
Short reading list of activist-oriented books from late 1990s

Neil Arya’s website and course syllabi covering global health, environmental health, and war and peace:

Primer on Population Health, from Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada:

Public Health and Social Justice Course Syllabus.doc
Syllabus for Public Health and Social Justice course, Portland State University

war and peace literature.doc
Brief list of readings relevant to war and peace

Women’s Hlth and Human Rights syllabus.doc
Syllabus for Women’s Health and Human Rights course, Portland State University

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Supercourse – Epidemiology, the Internet, and Global Health:

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Tech CEO Salaries Compared to Your Salary:

Too Much – A Commentary on Excess and Inequality:

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Unite for Sight Global Health Online Course:

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Unnatural Causes (Is Inequality Making us Sick):


Wage Theft:

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