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Human Subject Experimentation, Torture, Hunger Strikes


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Slide show:

*Doctors Gone Bad – Experimentation Murder Torture and Terrorism
Slide show on human subject experimentation in the 20th Century, covering WW II Germany and Japan, Willowbrook, Tuskeegee, contemporary research issues, government-sponsored torture, doctors as murderers/torturers/terrorists, etc.

Ethical and Human Rights Concerns in Global Health, Dr Tara Zolnikov
From Dr Tara Zolnikov’s Global Health Course

Torture Survivors – Screening, Assessment, and Referral – Steve Miles
Comprehensive overview from Dr Steve Miles


*Doctors Gone Bad – Physicians, Dictators, and Warrior Cultures
Article from Social Medicine covering the history of unethical human subject experimentation, how physicians aid and abet demagogues, and contemporary abuses

Human rights abuses, transparency, impunity and the web – Miles
Article by Dr Steve Miles about using the World Wide Web to combat the human rights abuses of the “War on Terror”

Physicians and Hunger Strikes – Miles
Article by Dr Steve Miles analyzing the Turkish experience and debate about physician ethics during prison hunger strikes

Punishing physicians who torture – a work in progress – Miles
Article by Dr Steve Miles about the role of medical associations in punishing physicians who commit crimes against humanity

Physicians Who Have Been Punished for Torture – Steve Miles
Database from Dr Steve Miles

Uppsala Code of Ethics for Scientists
Gustafsson, Ryden, Tibell, and Wallensteen, J Peace Research, 1984


Doctors gone bad: research, torture, and terrorism. Conversations with Dr Don, cable television program), Portland, Oregon, August, 2016. Available at:

Doctors Gone Bad: Physicians, Dictatorships, and Warrior Cultures. Prescription for Justice. January, 2019. Available at

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