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Human Subject Experimentation, Torture, Hunger Strikes


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Slide show:

*Doctors Gone Bad – Experimentation, Murder, Torture, and Terrorism
Slide show on human subject experimentation in the 20th Century, covering WW II Germany and Japan, Willowbrook, Tuskeegee, contemporary research issues, government-sponsored torture, doctors as murderers/torturers/terrorists, etc.

Ethical and Human Rights Concerns in Global Health, Dr Tara Zolnikov
From Dr Tara Zolnikov’s Global Health Course

Torture Survivors – Screening, Assessment, and Referral – Steve Miles
Comprehensive overview from Dr Steve Miles


Human rights abuses, transparency, impunity and the web – Miles
Article by Dr Steve Miles about using the World Wide Web to combat the human rights abuses of the “War on Terror”

Physicians and Hunger Strikes – Miles
Article by Dr Steve Miles analyzing the Turkish experience and debate about physician ethics during prison hunger strikes

Punishing physicians who torture – a work in progress – Miles
Article by Dr Steve Miles about the role of medical associations in punishing physicians who commit crimes against humanity

Physicians Who Have Been Punished for Torture – Steve Miles
Database from Dr Steve Miles

Uppsala Code of Ethics for Scientists
Gustafsson, Ryden, Tibell, and Wallensteen, J Peace Research, 1984


Doctors gone bad: research, torture, and terrorism. Conversations with Dr Don, cable television program), Portland, Oregon, August, 2016. Available at:

External Links:

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Doctors who torture accountability project:

Judy Stone, MD, Forbes column covering infectious diseases, medicine, drug development, and ethics:

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US Military Medicine in War on Terror Prisons Database:

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