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Articles and slide shows re obesity

Slide Shows:

*Ethical & Policy Qs re beauty, cosm surg, & obesity
Slide show on ethical issues relevant to ideals of beauty, cosmetic surgery, and obesity (from 2010)

*Obesity and Public Health
Slide show on epidemiology, causes, consequences, treatments, and public health approaches to obesity

Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity – Faculty Presentations: Large collection available at


AAFP, corporate links, and nutritional advice
Post from Medicine and Social Justice Blog re the American Academy of Family Physicians, its unethical corporate links, and its nutritional advice

Clowning With Kids’ Health – The Case for Ronald McDonald’s Retirement
Report from Corporate Accountability International and its Value the Meal/Stop Corporate Abuse of our Food Campaign

*Public health aspects of the obesity epidemic – part I
Causes and health consequences of obesity

*Public health aspects of the obesity epidemic – part II
Economic consequences of obesity, the “obesity economy,” and the roles of nutrition, exercise, and television

*Public health aspects of the obesity epidemic – part III
Food and beverage industries, medical groups, and the government

*Public health aspects of the obesity epidemic – part IV
Obesity worldwide, pathological underweight, and gluttony

*Public Health Aspects of Obesity Epidemic – Pt V
Treatments and public health approaches to combating the problem

Retire Ronald McDonald Media Event – CAI
Statement for press for Corporate Accountability International’s Retire Ronald McDonald Media Event, 2-11

Television, Radio:

*Obesity epidemic: causes, consequences, and solutions. Conversations with Dr. Don (cable television program), Portland, OR, August, 2012. Available at

Protesting Ronald McDonald. Interview for KBOO radio, February 4, 2011 (from Corporate Accountability International Protest to Retire Ronald McDonald). Available at

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