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Drug Testing and Privacy Issues


physician_drug_testing.jpgArticles and slide show covering physician drug testing and privacy issues.

Slide Show:

*Drug Testing and Privacy – Scientific Legal Ethical and Policy Issues
Extensive slide show covering scientific, legal, ethical, and policy issues relevant to drug testing (including physician drug testing), genetic testing, and privacy, including information on physician substance use/abuse, the opioid epidemic, marijuana, electronic health records, health care data mining and privacy breaches, drones, corporate espionage, famous whistleblowers, etc.

You are Being Watched – Privacy, Public Health, and Society
Slide show covering privacy in health care and society at large (most information above, more comprehensive slide show)


drug testing and identification of physician impairment
Unpublished letter to JAMA re article on identification of physician impairment. Further comments available at

physician drug testing – Ann Int Med lte.doc
Letter regarding physician drug testing

*Urine Trouble: : Practical, Legal, and Ethical Issues Surrounding Mandated Drug Testing of Physicians
Article from Journal of Clinical Ethics, 2005 (information updated in slide show above)

Spooky business: corporate espionage against nonprofit organizations (Gary Ruskin, Essential Information, 2013):


*You are being watched: privacy, public health and society (one hour program, first half features mostly discussion about current political situation with respect to Syrian refugees, terrorism, and the rise of xenophobia and nationalism; second half covers privacy). Conversations with Dr Don (cable television program), Portland, OR, December, 2015. Available at

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