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War and Peace, Gun Violence

war.jpgArticles and slide shows on militarism, war, peace, nuclear weapons, terrorism, rape in war, genocide, violence against women in the military, and gun violence (see below).

The Public Health Working Group on the Primary Prevention of War is an interdisciplinary group of academics and practitioners from 20 universities, all committed to preventing – rather than reacting – to war. For resources relevant to teaching about war and armed conflict in public health, including articles, syllabi, reading lists, and more, go to To learn more about the group, its article in the American Journal of Public Health, and how to contact its members, please follow the link above.

Slide Shows:

Building the Peace – Approach to Iraq – J Pearson, OR PSR
Slide show covering consequences of War in Iraq, possibilities for peace, by Dr John Pearson, Oregon PSR

*Causes, Costs, and Consequences of War, Militarism, and Gun Violence
Slide show on the causes, costs, and health, economic, and environmental consequences of war and militarism; also covers historical epidemiology of warfare, WMDs, current wars, and U.S. military and foreign policy

Chemical Weapons, Syria, and Need for a Middle East WMD-Free Zone – Bob Gould
Slide show from 2014 National Physicians for Social Responsibility President, Dr Robert Gould

*Doctors Gone Bad – Experimentation Murder Torture and Terrorism
Slide show on human subject experimentation in the 20th Century, covering WW II Germany and Japan, Willowbrook, Tuskeegee, contemporary research issues, government-sponsored torture, doctors as murderers/torturers/terrorists, etc.

Environmental and Public Health Impacts of Nuclear Power – Bob Gould
Slide show 2014 National Physicians for Social Responsibility President, Dr Robert Gould

Environmental and Public Health Impacts Nuclear Weapons – Bob Gould
Slide show from 2014 National Physicians for Social Responsibility President, Dr Robert Gould

Geneva Conventions and Human Rights During Wartime – Jeff Spike
Slide show on Geneva Conventions and Human Rights During Wartime from Dr. Jeff Spike

George W Bush’s Military Record.ppt
Overview of George W Bush’s military record

Human Subject Experimentation – see Doctor’s Gone Bad slide show above, or go to

Landmines and Cluster Bombs – Oregon PSR
Slide show on landmines, cluster bombs, and the Mine Ban Treaty, from Oregon PSR

Militarism and American Culture: Video Slide Show from Ed Ferguson/Terri Shofner, First Unitarian Church Portland Oregon: Available at

Military sexual trauma – evaluation and management, by E Stinson
Detailed slide show from therapist and advocate Elizabeth Stinson

Mother’s Day Proclamation, 1870 – Julia Ward Howe

Nuclear Iran and U.S. Response – C Thomasson, OR PSR
Slide show covering historical and contemporary issues relevant to U.S.-Iran relations and possible responses to a nuclear Iran, by Dr Catherine Thomasson, Oregon PSR

Nuclear War: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and a workable moral strategy for achieving and preserving world peace – Raymond G Wilson
Available at

Role of Public Health In Preventing War – W Wiist, April 2015
Slides from talk by William Wiist from the 20/20 Vision for Humanity Conference, Calgary, 2015

Role of Public Health in the Prevention of War –
Lecture and slides, 42 minutes, Bill Wiist, PhD, OHSU, December, 2014

Sanctions as war – the cases of Iraq and Iran – Sammy Almashat
Sanctions as a tool of war, case studies of Iraq and Iran, unquestioned assumptions fueling near total concensus in US, by Sammy Almashat, Public Citizen

*Violence Against Women in the Military
Slide show covering violence against women in the military, covering both active duty military and veterans

War and Peace
Brief, 30 minute overview incorporating, history, anthropology, epidemiology, photography, astronomy, poetry, and social and political criticism

*War and Peace in Literature and Photography
Slide show with famous quotes, some poems, and photos relevant to war and peace

War Prayer, by Mark Twain
Powerpoint version of powerful anti-war poem suitable for readings with large audiences

*War, Rape, and Genocide
Slide show on war, rape, and genocide, with historical perspectives and an overview of Darfur, Sudan

Articles/Book Chapters:

acute rad syndrome – Ann Int Med ltr.doc
Letter re acute radiation syndrome and medical education

Bioterrorism Curriculum Too Limited – Acad Med ltr.doc
Letter re medical education covering militarism, war, and peace

Caring for Active Duty Military Personnel in the Private Sector – Waitzkin and Noble, 3-09
Article reprinted from Social Medicine, 3-09

Cessation of Military Recruiting in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools (APHA Policy Statement – Amy Hagopian):

child soldier – People Mag lte.doc
Unpublished brief letter re US use of child soldier in Iraq

Comments on Bush re-election – LO Rev 2004.doc
Editorial re prospects for the US in the wake of the re-election of George W Bush

Cultural Roots of Peace and Violence – Maranowski, 2011
Winning essay in Oregon PSR’s Greenfield Essay Contest for high school students, by Erica Maranowski, 2011

Call for the destruction of smallpox virus stores
Call for destruction of smallpox virus stores from AJPH

*Doctors Gone Bad – Physicians, Dictators, and Warrior Cultures
Article from Social Medicine covering the history of unethical human subject experimentation, how physicians aid and abet demagogues, and contemporary abuses

*Gun violence – the war against ourselves. Green Social Thought (April, 2018). Available at

health effects of war and med literature
Abstract re health effects of war and the medical literature

hiroshima – Oregonian editorial 2001.doc
Editorial re legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and current US nuclear policy, 2001

Hiroshima editorial – LO Review 2006.doc
Editorial re legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and current US nuclear policy, 2006

hiroshima editorial – PDX Tribune 2002.doc
Editorial re legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and current US nuclear policy, 2002

Hirsohima Day psr 2006 speech.doc
Outline of Hiroshima Day speech, 2006

*International Treaty to Abolish Nuclear Weapons – A Critical Step Towards Saving Humanity from Mass Annihilation, from Green Social Thought. Available at

*Internists and bioterror prevention – JGIM lte 2007.doc
Letter re prevention of bioterrorism, prevention of war, promotion of peace, and medical education

Literature, photography, and art as pedagogical materials for teaching about militarism and peace (chapter box and appendix). Donohoe, MT, in Preventing War and Promoting Peace: A Guide for Health Professionals, William Wiist and Shelley White, Eds. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2017, pages 279-280 and 303-306).

*Medical Impacts of Hiroshima
In Okuda ST (with Vergun P), A Dimly Burning Wick: Memoir from the Ruins of Hiroshima (New York: Algora Publishing, 2008); chapter by Vergun R, Vergun P, Thomasson C, Donohoe MT. [A brief summary of the medical impacts of Hiroshima.]

MLK’s Riverside Church Speech, by John Steen (2023)
Op-Ed about MLK’s social justice and anti-war thinking is ignored by the national media and even the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Peace Calendar – World Beyond War
Calendar of important anniversaries in the history of peace

Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator – LO Review 7-05.doc
Editorial on robust nuclear earth penetrator

*Role of public health in the prevention of war: rationale and competencies. Am J Publ Hlth 2014(6):e34-e47 – Wiist W, Barker K, Arya N, Rohde J, Donohoe M, White S, Lubens P, Gorman G, Hagopian A. Article and supplemental material available through the American Journal of Public Health at or contact Martin Donohoe through the phsj website at

Sept 11 and war – PDX Tribune.doc
Editorial on the invasion of Iraq after 9/11

Uppsala Code of Ethics for Scientists
Gustafsson, Ryden, Tibell, and Wallensteen, J Peace Research, 1984

*Violence Against Women in the Military – Medscape.doc
Article on violence against women in the military. Reprinted in Violence and Abuse in Society, Angela Browne-Miller, Ed. (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio. LLC/Praeger, 2012, Volume 2, Chapter 25, pages 392-402).

*War and Peace in Literature and Photography
List of novels, poems, non-fiction works, and photography websites relevant to war and peace

war and the medical literature 1997.doc
Unpublished research study on articles relevant to war and peace in the medical literature

War Prayer – Mark Twain
Posthumously-published, powerful anti-war narrative by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

*War, Rape, and Genocide – Medscape.doc
Article on war, rape, and genocide, with historical perspectives and coverage of Darfur, Sudan. Reprinted as War, Rape, and Genocide – Never Again? Reprinted in Violence and Abuse in Society, Angela Browne-Miller, Ed. (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio. LLC/Praeger, 2012, Volume 1, Chapter 9, pages 51-58).


War and Global Health Conference Recap (University of Washington, 2010):

*War and peace, Conversations with Dr. Don (cable television program), September, 2013. Available at

Public Health and War (radio interview, Bill Wiist and Roberta Hall, December, 2015):

*You are being watched: privacy, public health and society (one hour program, first half features mostly discussion about current political situation with respect to Syrian refugees, terrorism, and the rise of xenophobia and nationalism; second half covers privacy). Conversations with Dr Don (cable television program), Portland, OR, December, 2015. Available at

*Doctors gone bad: research, torture, and terrorism. Conversations with Dr Don, cable television program), Portland, Oregon, August, 2016. Available at:

*Gun violence: public health and public policy (last 17 minutes covers reflections on the election of Donald Trump). Conversations with Dr Don (cable television program), Portland, OR, November, 2016. Available at

*Nuclear weapons and the campaign to abolish them. Prescription for Justice (cable television program, December, 2017 ). Guest Chuck Johnson – Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Available at 

*Gun violence: the war against ourselves. Prescription for Justice (cable television program; April, 2018). Available at

*From war to peace. Justice is an Ever-Living Stream Lecture Series, Central Lutheran Church, Portland, OR, October, 2018. Available at

Course Syllabus:

Peace psychology syllabi (The society for the study of peace, conflict, and violence):

War and Health (NextGenU):

External Links (War and Peace, followed by Gun Violence/Gun Control; see also “Human Rights” on the External Links page):

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Famous Poets and Poems – Peace Poetry: not Bombs:

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Global Peace Index:

Goya’s “Disasters of War” (see and “The Third of May, 1808” (see

Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility:

Gun Violence Archive (UTD stats on gun violence):

Hanford Watch:

Harvard Injury Control Research Center:

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James Nachtwey’s war photography:

Matthew Brady’s civil war photographs. See

Medact (Health Professionals for  Safer, Fairer, and Better World):

Medical Association for the Prevention of War (Australia):

Medical Peace Work (includes online courses):

Medicine, Conflict and Survival:

Military Toxics Project:

Nagasaki Museum of Peace:

National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund:

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Neil Arya’s website and course syllabi covering global health, environmental health, and war and peace:

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Peace Caucus (APHA):

Peaceful Societies (Alternatives to Violence and War):

Pegasus Conference: Peace, Global Health, and Sustainability:

Physicians for Global Survival, Canada:

Physicians for Social Responsibility:

Picasso’s “Guernica” (see

Poems for Peace:

Poems of War and Remembrance:

Poets Against the War:

Poetry on Peace:

Reintegration of war-affected young mothers:

Robert Capa’s war photography:

Rotarian Action Group for Peace:

Safeguarding Health in Conflict – Protecting Health Workers, Services, and Infrastructure:

Scarred lands and wounded lives – the environmental footprint of war:

School of the Americas Watch:

Society for the study of peace, conflict, and violence:

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute:

Student Physicians for Social Responsibility:

Sunshine Project:

Surviving Gun Violence:

Teaching Peace (Resources from Yes! Magazine):

Tragedy of the American Military (James Fallows, The Atlantic):

Treasury of War Poetry:

United for Peace and Justice:

Upsala Conflict Data Program:

U.S. Committee to Ban Land Mines.  URL:

US Holocaust Memorial Museum:

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US Military Medicine in War on Terror Prisons Database:

Veterans for Peace:

Voices for Creative Nonviolence:

W Eugene Smith’s war photography:

War is a Crime:

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War Poetry:

War Poetry Contest (Winning Writers):

War Poetry Website:

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Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace:

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom:

World Beyond War:

World Can’t Wait:

World Peace Society’s Peace Poetry:

World Without War – Randy Tavenner:


Gun Violence/Gun Control:

List of Gun Control Resources, drawn mostly from Shippensburg University, Ezra Lehman Memorial Library- see

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Everytown for Gun Safety

Gun Free Kids

Gun Violence Archive

March For Our Lives

Mass Shootings in the United States: (Everytown for Gun Safety):

Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

Open Secrets Gun Control Political Donations:

Open Secrets Gun Rights Political Donations:

Pew Center topics page for Gun Control

Third Way